Join us TONIGHT at the Capitol to Rally FOR AR Kids and AGAINST House Bill 1733

Parents, students, community members, and educators are coming together to stand FOR our communities and our public schools and against HB1733.

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It’s Time to Invest In AR Kids, Pre-K Works

Pre-K is PROVEN to be the most powerful tool we have to boost student reading and achievement for a lifetime. Unfortunately we can’t serve the children who need it most, because pre-K hasn’t seen a cost of living increase since 2007. Call Governor Hutchinson at 501-682-2345 and ask him to support a $16 million funding increase for quality pre-K.

Arkansas Opportunity to Learn Campaign

Using NSLA Funds to Boost Learning and Fight Poverty

NSLA funding (also known as ‘poverty funding’) is named after the National Student Lunch Act because the funding each district gets is determined by the number of students who receive free and reduced meals.  The funds are intended for programs which help low-income students overcome barriers and succeed in school.

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