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Using NSLA Funds to Boost Learning and Fight Poverty

NSLA funding (also known as ‘poverty funding’) is named after the National Student Lunch Act because the funding each district gets is determined by the number of students who receive free and reduced meals.  The funds are intended for programs which help low-income students overcome barriers and succeed in school.

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Expanding Quality Afterschool & Summer Programs

Quality afterschool and summer programs inspire kids to learn by providing hands-on, engaging learning experiences that improve academic skills, foster better attitudes toward school, increase attendance rates, and help with social and emotional development.

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Grade Level Reading

We need an increased focus in our schools to make sure all students are reading at grade-level by the third grade.  Research has shown that this can make a major difference in literacy for the rest of the child’s life.

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The DREAM Act: Opportunity for ALL Students

The DREAM Act would allow ALL Arkansas students who have completed at least three years of high school in the state to pay affordable in-state tuition rates at Arkansas colleges and universities.  This would expand access for over 9,000 students.

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