Join us TONIGHT at the Capitol to Rally FOR AR Kids and AGAINST House Bill 1733

Parents, students, community members, and educators are coming together to stand FOR our communities and our public schools and against HB1733.

HB1733 allows the state government to close your local schools, permanently dissolve your elected school board and force your children to attend corporate-run charter schools with less qualified teachers, weaker standards and unproven strategies.

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This bill would strip parents and local communities of their decision making authority in local school districts and allow private corporate entities to take control of our schools with no public accountability. This bill is backed by corporate interests that seek to privately control tax dollars that we have invested in our public schools. Simply put, it is taxation without representation.

Schools in distress do need help, but #HB1733 is the WRONG way to do it. Community must be involved in the process, not bypassed.

Please join us as we take a stand for Arkansas students and against corporate interests. Keep Arkansas Public Schools Public!!!

Watch this Story on our Opposition to HB1733

Advocates Oppose School Privatization Bill: Story on 


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