Expanding Quality Afterschool & Summer Programs

Quality afterschool and summer programs inspire kids to learn by providing hands-on, engaging learning experiences that improve academic skills, foster better attitudes toward school, increase attendance rates, and help with social and emotional development.


  • Afterschool125,000 Arkansas youth grades K-12 don’t have access to quality afterschool programs in their local community. These young people are spending an average of 9.1 hours on their own each week during the school year.
  • Our kids are safer when they attend these programs. When young people are engaged in enriching and meaningful activities on a regular basis they are less likely to become involved in crime, substance abuse, or other harmful activity.
  • These programs help prepare kids for the future by teaching the skills they need to be ready for the workforce or college. They provide opportunities so youth can explore their interests and learn real
    world problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills that enable
    them to excel.

Afterschool (2)LET’S ACT NOW

  • The Positive Youth Development Grant Program (Act 166) was passed in 2011 to support afterschool and summer programs in struggling districts.  It still hasn’t been funded.  We can kick-start this effort to expand these programs by providing $5 million to get them going.

Download this Issue Brief.


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