Grade Level Reading

We need an increased focus in our schools to make sure all students are reading at grade-level by the third grade.  Research has shown that this can make a major difference in literacy for the rest of the child’s life.


  • Needs Improvement, Focus and Priority schools should use NSLA funds for programs like pre-K to help promote literacy; these funds are designated to help struggling students.
  • ABC has proven to be a very effective program that works to build literacy skills at an early age. We need to expand it to serve more children, and reassess funding structures to meet their needs.


  • Chronic absence is a major factor for literacy; students can’t keep up with their peers if they’re not in school.  We should work with local districts to develop a model policy on chronic absence and use chronic absence as a trigger for Response to Intervention
  • We need value assessments for school improvement consulting and colleges of education to ensure that the state is investing wisely in programs that will improve students’ learning.


  • We can link together reading programs across the state to identify common needs, share best practices, and develop successful models for improving grade-level reading among students
  • Incentives and awards for successful parent engagement will help schools develop more effective ways to involve parents in their children’s literacy, including having parents teach other parents.

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