Encouraging Parent, Student, Community and School Partnerships

We need the entire community involved to ensure we’re providing students with excellent opportunities to learn.

Community PartnershipALL HANDS ON DECK

  • Parents and students have an important perspective on what’s working and not working in our schools. We need to make sure their voices are heard by both policymakers at the Capitol and educators in their local school districts.

OPPORTUNITIES TO ENGAGECommunity Partnership (2)

  • Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, youth pastor, or a local community or business leader, you can make a huge difference in the lives of kids in your neighborhood!  Check the parent center at your local school and speak to the staff there to find out ways you can be involved.


  • School districts have made some progress in working to engage parents and students, and positive legislation was passed in 2013, but we need to make sure schools are accountable for implementing outreach programs to ensure they are effective.

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