Improving Access to High-Quality Pre-K

We know that high quality pre-K programs help our kids stay on track for literacy and other skills later in school.  To ensure every child has an opportunity to learn, we need all our kids to have access to high quality Pre-K.


  • Arkansas has invested a lot into pre-K, but we haven’t seen a funding increase in over 5 years. Before we can even expand, we need to increase funding just to maintain the current number of children served.
  • Every $1 invested in high quality pre-K saves taxpayers up to $7. Research shows that Pre-K has many benefits including higher graduation rates, reduced grade repetition, reduced crime, greater employment and higher wages.


  • We know it works for our children. All parents should be well-informed about the availability and effectiveness of quality pre-K in their communities, and we need to work to make sure all our kids have access to these excellent programs.

Download this Issue Brief.


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