OTL Summit Essay Contest

“Why an Opportunity to Learn is Important to Me.”

by Zaria McCants

Winner, 8-10 Age Group

An opportunity to learn is important to me because it increases my chance to go to college, provide me with a solid foundation, and a good education is for everyone.

A good education will prepare me to go to college. I think I want to be a veterinarian or the President of the United States. I will need to learn a lot and go to college for a long time.

In school we need to learn the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and math). We also learn social skills to help us in the real world. We volunteer in our community to share what we have learned and to learn from others. This provides me with a foundation to build my future.

Everyone should have the same chance to get a quality education. Person with disabilities deserve the same education as everyone else. Some people need glasses like me or some people may need technology to help them learn.

The opportunity to learn to me means I will get the tools I need to be a helpful to my community and successful in my life!!!!


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